That Ichiro Article

This is the article from Sports Graphic Number 640 that people were making a big deal over "Ichiro's unhappy!" around the local Seattle blogs. I scanned it in so people could read for themselves. Because it's 5 pages long there's also a bonus picture of Johjima from the start of his interview article.

These files are *huge*. I must stress that. They're around 500k each, because I wanted to try to get good resolution so the kanji would be distinguishable. Even so, there are a few parts that are still blurry, and I apologize. Click on the displayed smaller version of the picture to see the full large version of the picture.

I highly suggest also reading Tokyo Sam's translation of the articles.




The caption for Johjima's article says (in my drive-by translation):

"He would have changed the results. For the second consecutive year, the Hawks narrowly missed being in the Japan Series; and again many people thought they'd probably be there. But their regular strong-hitting catcher was injured during the playoffs. So many thoughts to be having..."

Anyway, um, enjoy! Even if you can't read Japanese, the schoolkids picture is worth the bandwidth.