Red Sox vs. Yomiuri Giants at the Tokyo Dome, March 23 2008

Ogasawara in the Giants pre-game workout.

Bobby Kielty, the most recognizable red hair in baseball.

Shinnosuke Abe gets a greeting from the Red Sox.

Circle of Giants.

Hayato Sakamoto (in front)

Ogasawara doing throwing warmups.

Hayato Sakamoto, the 19-year-old Giant.

Ogasawara's clean-shaven doppleganger.

View from the home plate screen (via cellphone camera).

Yoshinori Murata laughs with Shinnosuke Abe.

Shinnosuke Abe.

Catchers ponder the warmup.

The view from where I was sitting.

Red Sox players line up on the field.

David Ortiz joins the starting lineup.

Tim Wakefield smiles on the Tokyo Dome scoreboard.

Giants players line up on the field.

Yoshitomo Tani joins the starting lineup.

Both sides line up for the national anthems.

America's national anthem plays (not typical at a Japanese game)

The Japanese national anthem plays (also not typical at a Japanese game)

Managers Francona and Hara were presented with flowers.

Managers submit their lineups to the umpires.

Yomiuri starting pitcher Seth Greisinger.

Kevin Youkilis at the plate.

David Ortiz on the scoreboard (and the lineups there)

David Ortiz at the plate

Yoshinobu Takahashi

Tim Wakefield

Tim Wakefield

Ogasawara on the scoreboard

Ogasawara at the plate

Ogasawara looks confused about a strike call

Utsumi is awesome.

Utsumi is SO awesome.

Utsumi is so COMPLETELY awesome.

Manny being Manny?

Manny at the plate.

Giants and Red Sox mascots are Gettin' Jiggy With It.

Hide the baseball under the pagoda. Whee.

Submariner Yushi Aida.

Adrian "Burnn baby Burn" Burnside is about to get burned.

Players congratulate JD Drew at the plate after his grand slam.

Birthday boy Ken Katoh.

Hot Dog Races. Whee.

Wally the Green Monster mascot.

Sister Giabbit.

Hideki Okajima on the scoreboard.

Hideki Okajima on the mound.

Kielty high-fives Jed Lowrie as he comes back to the plate after his home run.

Bizarre 328 feet sign in left field.

Bizarre 328 feet sign in right field.

Kiyoshi Toyoda.

Coco Crisp grins after hitting a triple.

Captain Jason Varitek makes an appearance.

Whole field view during Sakamoto's at-bat.

Whole field view during Shimizu pinch-hitting to end the game.

Plushie seats in the Tokyo Dome home plate area.

View of the press boxes and upper deck and such.