Tomochika Tsuboi and the San Rafael Pacifics!

Lineup for the San Rafael Pacifics, note who's #2

Me with my Tsuboi sign -- I made this back in the 2008 season!

Edwin and his camera, and the infield bleachers.

The Pacifics mascot is a duck called Sir Francis the Drake.

Tsuboi doing warmup throws in the outfield.

The team during the national anthem (also the scoreboard)

Matt Durkin was the Pacifics starter.

Matt Durkin

Tsuboi running in from left field

Dallas Mahan, sidearming lefty starter for the Hawaii Stars

Dallas Mahan

Tsuboi at bat

Sir Francis the Drake out in the field

A rundown between 3rd and home

Tsuboi as a runner at 1st base

I got a photo with Tsuboi! We talked for a while after the game, it was so cool!