Rakuten at Marines (Throwback Week!), Aug 18 2008

The throwback Team 26 jersey hangs in the dugout.

Crazy big bat some Rakuten guy was using during pregame practice.

Little Kensuke Uchimura (he's so oldskool!)

Kenji Morozumi's uniform, closeup for detail.

Toshiaki Imae (and Shunichi Nemoto in the background)

Tasuku Hashimoto gears up.

Shunichi Nemoto with high socks!

Katsuya Nomura with the pre-game lineup card exchanges.

Bobby Valentine!

Bobby Valentine.

Kazuya Fukuura and Hoichi Hori over at first base.

Shoitsu Ohmatsu and Akira Ohtsuka walk in from the field. I have no clue what they're talking about it but it looks funny.

Ohmatsu and Ohtsuka again.


Bobby waves to fans.

Masahiko Tanaka.

The stands are full of crazy Lotte fans who have changed their motif to match the Lotte Orions theme.

Satoru Komiyama was a starting pitcher in 1991.

Hashimoto takes some practice swings.

Marines Dance Academy girls get ready to do a routine before the game.

Takeshi Kanazawa sits in the dugout and ponders life.

Bobby stands on home plate for a ceremony with some Chiba city people.

Karakawa-kun comes back from ceremonial first catch duties.

Shunsuke Watanabe!

Shunsuke Watanabe

Imae looking all rugged at third base.

Okay, this picture looks weird, BUT keep in mind there is a normal-sized gaijin, a normal-sized Japanese player, a normal-sized batboy, and then.. Kensuke Uchimura.

Fernando Seguignol at bat.

Shunsuke Watanabe

Akira Ohtsuka's bizarre stance.

Ohtsuka's stance, in ready motion.

Shunsuke Watanabe

Shunsuke Watanabe

Shunsuke Watanabe

Imae throws.

Hiroshi Katayama

Hiroshi Katayama

Rakuten dugout (hey those guys look familiar)

Katsuya Nomura makes a pitching change.

Benny Agbayani as game hero! (So was Shunsuke.)