Seibu Prince Rabbits vs. Nippon Paper Cranes, final game, March 23 2009

Seibu captain Takahito Suzuki.

Richard Rochefort

Ryan Kiyoshi Fujita

Joel Prpic

Kazuhito Katayama

Shuji Masuko

Naoya Kikuchi

Fumitaka Miyauchi

Kiyoshi Fujita

Bin Ishioka

Daisuke Obara

Yosuke Kon

Joel Prpic

Go Tanaka

Cranes assistant captain Darcy Takeshi Mitani.

Takayuki Sakai

Toshiyuki Kitoh

Cranes captain Kengo Itoh.

Takayuki Sakai

Kengo Itoh

Yutaro Imamura

Jun Tonosaki

Yutaro Imamura

Huge sign that says "Saikyou", or "strongest"

Cranes cheering group and flag.

Chris Yule

Seibu Prince Rabbits line up before their fans.

Masahito Nishiwaki

Missed goal by Seibu...

Masahito Nishiwaki finds his way out of the penalty box.

Nippon Paper Cranes score the first goal of the game -- Mitani scored, assists by Kengo and Masatoshi Itoh.

Triumphant cranes come back.


Brad Tiley.

Zamboni goes around the rink between the first two periods.

Masahito Nishiwaki

Ryuichi Kawai

Captain Takahito Suzuki

Prpic and Mitani go at it in a faceoff.

Cranes pileup at their bench after another goal scored.

Kawai and Yule chat before a faceoff.

So do Obara and Nishiwaki... are these guys really mortal enemies??

Cranes goali Hisashi Ishikawa. This dude is unreal.

Joel Prpic stretches between periods; you can see Seibu cheering people in the back.

Cranes captain Itoh.

Chris Yule.

Mitani and Prpic get ready to face off yet again.

The only way to get Ishikawa out of the way is to kill him, I think.

Hideyuki Osawa

Yoshinori Iimura

Yosuke Kon. I'd heard he's a troublemaker but didn't see any of that in Game 7.

Prpic and Mitani face off AGAIN!

Rabbits assistant captain Tomohiko Uchiyama.

This must have been the tenth attempt to take out Ishikawa, but that guy is a rock.

Not sure what's going on here, Kawai doesn't seem happy though.

Yet another try at Ishikawa... and yet another blocked goal.

Prpic and Mitani face off again towards the end of the game.

The Cranes win!

Big pileup on the goal.


Itoh and Yule have a victory hug.

For a 3-2 game, this is a ridiculous number of shots.

Darcy Takeshi Mitani... I still don't think he looks Japanese at all.

The Cranes are the Asia League champs!

Handshakes between the two teams. Prpic is HUGE.

Rink staff are cleaning up the streamers and Mitani is coming by to wave to the fans

The Cranes wave out to their faithful following.

Mitani is taking photos of the celebrations on the rink.

Hisashi Ishikawa was, as deserved, the MVP. He was amazing.

Some guys pose with their medals and hats.

Another group.

The Cranes are given the trophy! They need to skate it around.