Marines vs. Eagles at Chiba Marine Stadium, September 13, 2006
(Also Marines Museum)

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Me in the mock batting cage.

A Bobby V cardboard cutout in the fake clubhouse.

More fake clubhouse, with a Team 26 locker and some of Satozaki's WBC stuff.

Closerup of Satozaki's WBC stuff.

Fake bullpen thingy.

Various outfieldy things.

A fake replica of the Lotte dugout.

Trying to reach over the fake outfield wall.

Operating the fake balls-and-strikes lights.

Feel what the turf on the field is like.

See what one of the lights looks like in the stadium.

Some history from the beginning of the team, when they were the Orions.

(c) Deanna Rubin 2006. All rights reserved, all lefties in the outfield.