Carp vs. Dragons at Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, September 8, 2006

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Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, from the streetcar stop.

Information about tickets that day.

Ticket ads with Kuroda and Arai.

The A-Bomb dome, which is across the street from the stadium. You can see the stadium lights in the background on the right.

Hiroshima Stadium infield.

And the outfield.

View of the Hiroshima Stadium interior from behind home plate.

Masahiko Morino!

Mitsuru Sato.

Masahiro Araki.

Denney Tomori.

A Dragons fan with a big pink Shaoran-head hat and a Domingo Guzman jersey.

(c) Deanna Rubin 2006. All rights reserved, all lefties in the outfield.