Tigers vs. Bay Stars at Hanshin Koshien Stadium, September 9, 2006
(also rainy day Koshien from Sept 6th)

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Koshien infield by day.

Koshien outfield by day.

Scoreboard approximately 30 mins later. Yes, it gets dark quickly.

One of the oendan drummers, behind the Tigers dugout.

Andy Sheets!

Takuro Ishii at bat.

The press box at Koshien -- in the open behind home plate.

Second baseman Atsushi Fujimoto.

Pitcher Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi, with third baseman Kentaro Sekimoto in the background.

Fujimoto at bat.

Pitcher Shimoyanagi at bat. He even got a hit later on.

The ball girl brings new baseballs to the umpire.

(c) Deanna Rubin 2006. All rights reserved, all lefties in the outfield.