Bay Stars vs. Giants at Yokohama Stadium, September 16, 2006

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Yokohama fans gear up for the games, flags and megaphones and all.

The gametime display behind home plate.

Yokohama starting pitcher Yuuji Yoshimi warms up before the game.

Yoshimi warms up right in front of the stands, so fans can watch.

Hiroko Sato comes out to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

Yoshimi is thinking that Hiroko Sato looks a lot better on the mound than he does.

Yoshimi battles pink Giabbots.

Yuuji Yoshimi, starting pitcher.

Scoreboard of the game as Yoshinobu Takahashi comes up to bat.

The crazy Giants fans out in left field seating.

Hiroki Kokubo stands at first base.

Seung Yeop Lee rocks the high socks.

(c) Deanna Rubin 2006. All rights reserved, all lefties in the outfield.